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Build financial experiences faster.

Beautifully designed components and widgets, built by Modyo frontend experts and ready to be used in your next financial application project.

Accelerate financial application development with
ready-to-use components

Dynamic Framework components come with production-ready code, design guides, and an active community of financial experience experts.

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Start developing with over
30+ ready-to-use components

Dynamic components are built with React and CSS to provide a solid foundation for building UIs and design systems. These components are themeable, responsive, composable, and accessible. They play nice with other UI components or styling frameworks.

Widget Templates
that you can test drive yourself

Start with fully customizable React-based templates that come API-connected to quickly develop and modify with a catalog of composable, responsive, accessible components.

Theming to match your style

Create a unique look-and-feel for applications in minutes. Dynamic uses Bootstrap CSS so every detail can be customized.

Built with accessibility in mind

Dynamic components follow accessibility best practices to ensure all users can use your application.