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Documentation and examples for Bootstrap typography, including global settings, headings, body text, lists, and more.

Bootstrap documentation


h1. Bootstrap heading

h2. Bootstrap heading

h3. Bootstrap heading

h4. Bootstrap heading

h5. Bootstrap heading
h6. Bootstrap heading

Size by class name

<p class="h1">h1. Bootstrap heading</p>
<p class="h2">h2. Bootstrap heading</p>
<p class="h3">h3. Bootstrap heading</p>
<p class="h4">h4. Bootstrap heading</p>
<p class="h5">h5. Bootstrap heading</p>
<p class="h6">h6. Bootstrap heading</p>

Custom headline with faded text

Use the included utility classes to recreate the small secondary heading text from Bootstrap 3.

Fancy display heading With faded secondary text


Traditional heading elements are designed to work best in the meat of your page content. When you need a heading to stand out, consider using a display heading—a larger, slightly more opinionated heading style.

Display 1

Display 2

Display 3

Display 4

Display 5

Display 6